About us

Summerfield’s cattery is a small cattery in Skjetten, a suburb to Oslo, Norway.

We only breed solid color. Color group 1, 3, 5 and 9.

Prize for show/breed male kitten: 1500 Euro
Show/breed female: 1300 Euro

Our cats can move freely througout the house, and their two outdoor enclosures. We don’t smoke in the house, but we use e-cigarettes, which is not harmful for the cats.

We give our cats a loving and lasting home – we will never re-place any of our cats simply because they are not actively breeding anymore.

We started with Norwegian forest cats in 1983, and went to our first show in 1993. After we saw S*Glowcoon’s Dark Papoose at a show in 1996 we where hooked, but we dident get our first Maine Coon until march 1998,
S*Ma Coo’s Excalibur. The idea of breeding has developed gradually over the years, and we finally reached a point where we considered ourselves ready to start breeding.
We got our first litter in june 2005. Now we have developed a special love for white cats, and have 2 in our breeding program.

Anne work as adviser for National Criminal Investigation Service at Organised and Special International Crime Divison, KRIPOS.
Kristin as Senior Excecutive adviser for Organised Crime Section at the Police Headquarters in Oslo.

When we are not working we enjoy showing our cats from time to time. Every year you will find us at the
FIF’e World Cat Show.